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Cheers' mailman joins Dancing with the Stars cast

Dancing with the Stars has found their final contestant.  TV mailman from the hit show CheersCliff Clavin, will hang up his mail bag for some dancing shoes as actor John Ratzenberger replaces Vincent Pastore who dropped out of the hit ABC show earlier this week.

Ratzenberger will only three weeks to rehearse before the show's March 19 premiere, but sources say he has been known to cut-a-rug in the past.

Ratzenberger, 59, will be paired with professional dancer, Edyta Sliwinska.

He had been invited to join the show earlier this year, but couldn't commit due to a scheduling conflict.  Those conflicts have been cleared up just in time.  I guess everything happen$ for a rea$on.


oh lord, i just want to see bitch Mills fall on her fugly face

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