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Drugs sent to someone else at Anna Nicole Smith's house

We first told you about the laundry list of drugs sent to Anna Nicole Smith's home in the Bahamas prior to her death.  Now, there's another doctor in the mix.

Dr. Maurice Levy confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he did send a package of drugs to Anna Nicole's address under the name Vicki Marshall (Anna Nicole's legal name), but the drugs weren't for her.

"Dalmane was sent to the address, but was not prescribed to Anna Nicole," says Dr. Levy. "...she received only the vitamins."

Dalmane is a sleep aide, a downer.  So who was Levy's patient at Anna Nicole's Bahamian home?

"I should preserve the anonymity of my patients. I'm talking about Anna Nicole because [since] she passed away, unhappily, her life has been exposed -- not always for the best reasons," Dr. Levy said.

Dr. Levy specializes in family practice, anti-aging and cosmetic medicine. He confessed to ET that he did some cosmetic work on Anna Nicole in June '06, such as "fillers and some injections on her face."

So if this was simply Anna Nicole's plastic surgeon?  Who was he supplying with downers?  Who else lived at that house?  Maybe Howard K. Stern?

The inquest to determine more about Anna Nicole son's death is currently under way.  Daniel Wayne Smith suddenly died when visiting his mother the day she gave birth to Dannielynn.  Autopsy reports show he died of a lethal mix of Methadone and the anti-depressant Lexapro.

Anna Nicole's autopsy results are expected to be released early next week.


my question is why is everyone so sure howard stern had something to do with both deaths. How can these people claim to love Anna nicole smith and her baby dannylynn but on the other hand say how bad howard is. Everytime howard lawyer tries to defend him all the news people more or less shut her up like they don't want to talk about. virgie and anna was distance for severl years and now all sudden thay were best of friends. Get a life guys virgie go back to tex. FOr virgie so call lawyer JOhn O Quin you need to keep you mouth shut. You are just going on half truths.

if it was anyone else as in average ppl we all be in jail on asumption of cause charges why do all these things fly by??? shouldnt everything be closely investigated? or is it all gonna happen once howard doesnt hold the baby HOSTAGE?...lol

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