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Family confirms comic Richard Jeni died of suicide, diagnosed with depression

Richard Jeni's family says he committed suicide after being diagnosed earlier this year with clinical depression and suffering from psychotic paranoia.

"The family of Richard Jeni would like to put to rest any assumptions as to the cause of Richard's death. ... Richard Jeni did take his own life," the family said in a statement.

Jeni's fiancee found him Saturday with a gunshot wound, and he later died at the hospital.

An autopsy was performed on Monday, but the coroner says an official cause of death will not be announced for a few weeks.

Richard Jeni was 49 years old.


y man y you shouldnt have done that are you a freaking crazy bastard now your dead that was a very stupid thing you did

why would you say something like that? Give the guy a break. Damn.

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