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Fans pay $3500 to spend 30 seconds with Michael Jackson

He may not be the big star he once was in the US, but it looks like Michael Jackson still has some big time admirers in Tokoyo! 

The former prince of pop, landed in Japan on Sunday to hold an exclusive party where fans paid over $3,500 to hang with Jackson for about 30 seconds.

Decked out in all black with his typical dark sunglasses perched on his feeble face, my sources say Jackson was met at Narita airport by a sea of fans, but the big show comes on Thursday when fans who paid the hefty bucks will get 30 seconds to a minute of "exclusive" time with MJ.

While in Tokoyo this week, Jackson will also hold other events where fans will pay big bucks to hang out with the larger-than-life icon.  There is no word on whether or not Jackson will perform at any of the planned functions.


M.J. 's absence from N. America is a great loss for all; As his personality evolves his music can flourish to higher levels of inspiration for all. That's why the system ows him a sincere apology.
And that day will come. God bless M.J. with his angelic soul who never replied negative commentors with agner or aggression.

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