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March 6, 2007

Federline says he shaved his head for Britney Spears

Kevin Federline must be getting tired of ramen noodles and Wal-mart underwear, because he's doing everything he can to make sure Britney Spears recovers in rehab. 

In public display of empathy for his wife, Federline has shaved his head.  K-Fed was overheard blabbing to some friends that he went bald to support Britney's new look. 

The Sun spoke with some of their friends to find out that they most likely will get back together when Britney's clean...

"He said he still loves her," The Sun quoted a Federline pal as saying.

Evidently Britney feels the same way.  According to her friends, she wants to get back together and have more Federline babies.

"Britney has realized what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently. She has been talking to Kevin every night for hours on the phone, telling him she still loves him. She just wants to be with him again, and thinks having another baby will seal their marriage," Brits friends said.

Federline was evidently a driving force behind Britneys third attempt at rehab.  Who knew it would turn out this way? We may have been expecting to say that Britney is supporting Kevin in rehab, but most of us didn't expect it to play out this way!

I'm starting to wonder if a comeback is even possible, I mean, she isn't Whitney Houston!

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Somebody PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE don't allow this to happen!

another baby, you dont use children to better a marriage, she's so stupid

Britney Spears is so nice. I like everything about her. Her new hair cut is swell. I do so hope she is having a nice time in rehab.

in that picture his head is not even shaved. his hair always been that low.

Brytney does not even fear God to dump her husband.She gets what she bargained for.More grease to her rehab elbow.

Brytney does not even fear God to dump her husband.She gets what she bargained for.More grease to her rehab elbow.

Got a drug addiction? Maybe you'll lose custody of your kids? Just have another baby.. That solves everything! If only it were that simple...

O.....M......F.....G...... you dont use a kid to makie a marrige better! it just makes it worse! I've seen it sooo many times!! its all loverly being pregnant for the fist 1-6 months. then you get really uncomfetable and bitter. so theres gonna be fights there. and once the kids here and the excitement is ova there Gawn! this marrige is utter crap! and should be anold! Whitney housten for example had the same type of crap with boby brake up, back together... the hole story... rehab... its all there. But finally she has left him for good this time. and the resean it is for good, is because they are both at peace with the split. it wasnt done with anger or bitter ness. there is no custerty battle. So they are haveing a healthy devorce. Its healthy to beacuse they can get to gether for there daughters sake and there not be any fricktion or fights. she is going really well. Brittney on the other hand the that kim wanker... well... there verey imetuer. and the state should take the children away if they go back on drugs. cos you can see they will hit em hard!

do yall have anything better to do than butt in other peoples business. I mean come on leave the girl alone its her life and she can do what she wants with it. I hope she does do better and than her and kevin can get back together and finish what they started and have a real family, i mean thats what life all about the ones u love and ur family. now yall grow up and see the real picture!!!!

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