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Gay Stereotypes~Laura Sacks

           So we all know the stereotypes. People feel that all gay men are feminine and all gay women are masculine. For gay people around the world we know that is not always true. We come in all shapes and sizes, as well as personalities. 

            What gives us this image? Is it the movies or television? Magazines and or books? When I first came out, I would go to clubs and ask girls out and they would doubt I was gay. They said I was to feminine looking. And I thought, even in the gay world people doubt my sexuality. My male friends all doubted it as well. Gay women are represented as two femmes in all the big hollywood movies. Gay men are represented as feminine in the movies and television.

            For a second, lets throw out those stereotypes. In your own world, whatever that may be (gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, not sure, curious) what is gay to you? When I think of a gay man, I think there can be a billion types. A masculine man , or a feminine man perhaps. And with lesbians, the same. But what about the types that aren't listed?

        A  masculine man and woman are tough. A feminine man and woman are considered weak. What if this is the total opposite?  What if what we are told is wrong and stereotypical? For instance, I am very femme as they say, but inside I am very tough. So I would rather call myself a hard femme. As opposed to, soft butch, or butch or just femme. A hard femme to me is a lesbian who looks and acts as a woman but is tough like a man. The key here, think and act as yourself. Never let society push you a certain way, or make you feel like you should go a certain way. Always think outside the box, never let anyone tape it down leaving you no air to breathe and fend for yourself.

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