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March 21, 2007

Here's how Sanjaya could become the next American Idol

This year's American Idol has some really good singers.  Unfortunately, one of this season' most popular contestants is the worst singer (possibly ever).  However - Sanjaya Malakar could still be the next American Idol, and here's how!

This isn't the first time that a tone-deaf singer has made it to the final 12.  Do you remember Jasmine Trias and John Stevens?  Neither of those two really had much talent, but because of dedicated fans John stayed around A LOT longer than he should have, and Jasmine came in third place behind Fantasia Barrino and Diana DiGarmo.

The same thing could happen with Sanjaya this time around.  Sanjaya is the worst singer left in the competition.  He has bad hair, and he is overly feminine.  Yet, last night there was some poor little girl crying in the crowd, because Sanjaya fluttered by her.

I hate to be the one who 'outs' people, but I am a gay man... and I know how gay men feel about little girls going goo-goo over us.  While it may be flattering, its like handing a baby to a football player -- we don't know what to do with them!  Neither did Sanjaya last night.  He pranced down to where she was, scooted a bit, then the two hugged like sorority sisters before Sanjaya hurried back to the stage.  He didn't even tell her thank you!

Regardless, no matter how horrible the little future fag of America sings, as always, the competition is up to the fans.  If Sanjaya fans keep voting, he'll keep trying to sing.

This week's results show airs Wednesday night.  Sanjaya should go home, but I have a feeling he won't even be in the bottom three. 

Maybe if he comes out during the show, I'll throw some support behind.  Ok, just kidding.  There's no 'media conspiracy' going on, the poor kid just sucks (and he can't sing either!)

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Okay. I'm sooooo sick of people trashing Sanjaya. I think he can sing and I know a lot about music... A LOT. I've liked him from the beginning and I will continue to do so. I believe that if people continue to trash him, they should go up and sing better than he does. Then we shall see who actually belongs there, because what I'm seeing is people who don't really know much about music criticizing him and I don't think that is right. Plus, the girl who cried also cried during Melinda's performance, so no one can seriously say that is was because of Sanjaya, because Melinda is a naturally talented vocalist. Therefore people need to seriously STOP trashing Sanjaya. His hair is absolutely fine, I have many guy friends who have hair that is as long or longer than his, his smile is gorgeous, and his singing is fine.

Sanjaya doesn't suck completely... he just sucks compared to everyone else. He can actually carry a tune and hit the notes in key (most of the time), but the poor kid just doesn't have the "it" factor that stars must have. He's pretty rich in the "so what" department. I find myself fading off and thinking about other things when its his turn. He simply doesn't capture your attention with the sure genious of vocal talent. Like I said, he doesn't suck completely... he just sucks compared to everyone else.

I'm sick of having contestants being voted off when they deserve to be the one to continue. People must be tone deaf who believe he is a great singer. This is ruining the competition and really isn't funny. I'm not a music person, but I have enjoyed watching American Idol. This season I am losing interest because some people are not taking it seriously.

What a waste of time.......

Sanjaya is the worst singer in this competition.

Again I am completely surprised that America once again voted for Sangaya. He should have been voted out the first week.

The cute little Indian boy was given the go ahead by the AI staff. He's there because THEY put him on the stage. (Over the hundreds of more talented performers). So I say VOTE FOR HIM EVERY WEEK. He's what we deserve!!!

i also agree that he mite not be the best singer but he can sing
plus he is a goodlooking guy i voted for him about 300times last night
i think everybody deserves a chance with work and practice and money he could become one of the best singers yet i can sing but i know that there is alot of people out there that is better than me but it all about the wiil factor to do and i think he is pretty dam brave to get infront of millions of people and do what he do he has my vote

ok i', finished no more cokes its pepsi time this is the first season I've watched from start to finish. This is appalling that the world is making a mockery of our talent. Sangaya is the worst singer, has greasy hair and if he is gay I'd be embarrased for the gay community. Stepahni, and
Savanna should never have be booted off the show if this show is really about talent. All the hipe on worst talent and dumb ass howard stern saying to vote for sangaya is as bad as the idots that voted for Bush!!!!

I agree with you. I love watching American Idol and love the fact that small town can become big city with natural talent and that AI gives these people the venue to be noticed. Shame on what's going on. This IS a musical/vocal contest and let's be real. Sanjaya needs to go. He should never have even made it to the top 24. Shame on the judges and the creators of the show to set him up the way they did simply for ratings. I too am losing interest and am disgusted that those who are far talented than this boy have lost a chance to be noticed. I'm shaking my head.


With superstars like Brittney, Madonna, and every boy band there ever was.. how can SANJAYA’s popularity surprise anyone? At least this season is more real life than ever before. Most of the american superstars we all know and love are manufactured and lipsunk. Very little talent is needed. What is needed is inate charisma and looks. SANJAYA has both. Along with that is a sweet shyness. Ahhh this is the putty that makes a superstar. Past American Idol winners seem to be front page news for a few weeks and then fade away forever.. Where the heck is last year’s winner? I’ve only seen him on a Ford truck ad..

When was the last time I ever saw girls cry over a superstar?.. umm Eminem, ya, it was Eminem on TRL. Since when did superstars or idols have talent or even be able to sing? eg. this year’s celebrity judge Olivia Newton John.. a voice that truly stunk.. (listen the the Grease soundtrack) even Miss Polyanna Abdul… umm sorry Paula Abdul.. former choregrapher/cheerleader really can’t sing worth beans either.

It’s all about charisma.. and if you can make a little girl cry.. Eminem can become a superstar.. SANJAYA will have a million dollar recording contract if not the title of American Idol.

Wow! a lot of hate, are you a closet racist?

Sanjaya has not realized his own potential yet. This show is going to help him do that, and I believe you will all be surprised. There is something inside this kid that is magical. Keep voting for him, and I promise you will see it.

Not only are you a bad writer, but you're a dumb one, too. You can only "out" someone you actually know to be gay. Your supposition (or perhaps wish?) that Sanjaya is gay is nothing more than fantasy, and therefore you're not "outing" him, you're merely making a fool out of yourself.

The sad thing here is that while you claim to be a gay man, you're about as homophobic as anyone I've come across. Your gay-bashing rant is not only in bad taste, it's full of self-loathing.

And it's poorly written.

the long-haired rat is gay. get over it people.

we will see his online gay wanted ad, just like we saw clay's.


SANWHATTA IS GAY! GAY GAY GAY! Anyone that denies it is just plain oblivious and dumb.

his appeal is to twelve year old mental retards.

OMG, it is clear he's gay. He is also a horrible singer, not even worth a wedding singer status.

Everyone needs to get something in their heads: American Idol is not a singing competition...it's a popularity contest.

People don't vote for who sings the best. They vote for who they like the best. There are an awful lot of young girls out there who thinks Sanjaya is just "dreamy." And they've got the time and energy to vote for him over and over and over and over.

There are no rules on voting, and no limits on it either. That's the way it's set up. That's the way it gets high ratings. And that's the way it makes it into the number one spot week after week. And that's what makes money for Fox.

It's television. It's all about money. If it were a competition based on artistic merit it would be on PBS and no one would watch it.

Singing has very little to do with American Idol. Entertainment does.

i like PBS ;)~

He can sing. However, i don't think he deserves to be the next American Idol.

OMG Sanjaya is my ultimate fantasy! I watch each week just to see his "package! He is SO hot in jeans!!


The boy cannot sing. His performance Tuesday night was maniacal and appalling. I think what bothers me most about him is his arrogance...he truly believes he is an entertainer. If he had an ounce of integrity and intelligence, he would pull out of the competition and leave room for those who are truly talented.

What is all this hating Sanjaya all about? He's not the best singer on American Idol, but he is no worse than some of the other singers that have made it through in the past. His voice is untrained , but as a singer myself I feel that he needs training but has potential. He is also cute and has a very likeable personality. And who cares whether he is gay or not.

A likeable personality? Puleaseeeeee.

Fast Forward...Picture it...the year is 2057... Sanjaya as Little Richard on Geiko Advertisements. YUCK.

I know Sanjaya. You can say what you want but he is not gay. And he can sing. He sings with a very well known choir in Seattle. This choir has sung all over the world and all over the US. Sanjaya has done solos with the choir and the choir director encouraged him to try out for American Idol along with his sister and his cousin.

The voting system is flawed and has no integrity as shown by the idiot who voted for Sanjaya 300 times. Can you imagine if our political elections were like this. Then again, considering who is our president maybe they are.

But seriously, the voting method has to be revised if the talented rather than the popular participants are to succeed.

The thing that kills me about Sanjaya is that he may have everything to become a great singer. But he is nothing in comparison to even the sub par contestants this season. The biggest problem with him is that he is to young so he has not been able to mature at the rate of the other contestants. But what pains me is how people are saying he looks that part and has a decent voice and that all can be true but aside from that he is a immature kid and he is nothing neer the professional grade that some of the other contestants are.

Oh whatever, leave the kid alone. If you really hate watching him that much just turn the TV off when it's his turn to sing...or better yet, just don't watch AI at all!

If I were a contestant and the majority of my votes were coming from a site which encourages people to vote for the worst singer, and the judges themselves gave me discouraging words week after week.....because I was consistently outsung by everyone else... I would step down, PRACTICE, and keep my pride. Afterall...tomorrow is another day.

Im sorry but that boy needs to cut his hair ahahaha!!!!!!! and its not just that because I believe people can wear and do w/e they want to including looking like a girl with that long ass hair w/e but he cant sing and come on the person at the top of the page saying you know stuff about singing come on that boy cant sing to save his life... im sure he’s a nice kid and all but come on... you had to of had the volume down when he sings ahahahaha!!!!!!!! My dog start howling when that kid comes on... but what do I know because America has kept him on for this long I wouldn’t be surprised if he did win... GO Sanjaya ya!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

i dont like to watch the show but i will vote for this sanjaya guy just to see the worst guy advance....... :)

sanjaya is something..when people really thought that he will cut this week, he shock everyone with good performance.i wonder why nobody ever trash phil stacy even he have worse performance everyweek.i like phil at the beggining but he never improved(even worsed)..

Any man calls me or Sanjaya queer again,
I'll knock him down and buttfuck him.

I know Sanjaya. Sanjaya love vagina. GET OVER IT!

Sanjaya may be able to carry a tune, but he is in NO WAY, the best singer on the show! This week was NOT a good performance! And, who cares if he's young? That's not an excuse! He's the same age as Jordin Sparks, and she has an amazing voice! He seems like a nice guy, but he doesn't have the talent for this show! Why would you vote for someone who's not the best?! Why vote for someone because they're brave enough to stand in front of millions and sing?! Vote for who you think is the best SINGER, not someone who is brave or (you think) looks good! Obviously, some people get some twisted pleasure out of seeing the worst singer advance.


I can accept some people saying that Sanjaya can see and some people saying that he is not gay. But this friend of his who says he isn't gay AND he can sing must be highly delusional OR a very good friend.

Sanjaya Malakar sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please stop voting for him

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