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Howard K. Stern negotiating with Larry Birkhead for custody of Anna Nicole's baby and TV interviews

FoxNews.blog is reporting that Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead spent the night negotiating TV deals and a way for Stern to remain in the baby's life after he hands her over to Birkhead.

Anna Nicole Smith's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, is expected to inherit millions of dollars from Smith's ex-husband's estate.  Now, according to FoxNews.blog, Howard K. Stern is making sure he gets his share.  The news channel is reporting on their website that Stern is talking with Birkhead about giving him custody of the child in exchange for Stern being allowed to control her finances. 

Stern is also trying to get Birkhead to sign an exclusive deal with two TV programs, "Entertainment Tonight" and "the Insider," so that Stern isn't the only one talking with them and doesn't come under fire for being paid for his time.

And I am getting beaten to death for saying Stern is in this for money?!  C'mon people.  It's starting to become black and white.


charles dont get ahead of yourself, these are reports via media, and we all know accurate the media is these days. isn't it time that we the people take back our right to think for ourselves and wait until the facts are laid out in front of us, and then come to our own conclusions, rather then the press ramming half truths to us, to make their reports a little more spicy for their ratings, because they couldnt get their camera's in their and someone else did. Anna lived out loud herself and would have no problem with those she loved being paid or helped by the media, she did it herself when she was alive, so who cares what someone did or didnt get. Lets just be happy she is now at peace with her son. The media has got us all wrapped around their fingers, and we are buying all this crap, we the everyday people, go through drama and uproar within our families or friends everyday and no one gives a shit, yet we think its ok to have an opinion on these peoples lives, when in reality, we have no clue of who they are and what they do with their lives. When did we decide it was ok for us to judge and condemn these people. We are nearly as sick as the press, lets get back to being human beings again, rather then hungry animals. Lets look back in a years time and see how much bullshit we were told by the press on this story, I bet we will be shaking our heads at the crazy shit these people told us. I will talk to you then, until then take care. Nic

Nic-Do you live under a rock? Take Care. Tad

Way to go Nic....I believe that alot more people feell as we do . I could not have said it better. rest in Peace Anna Nicole Smith. cause the media sure isn't.

i think you're all crazy

Finally, someone has said it all ~ THANK YOU Nic ~ The media is out of hand and has become no more than a soap opera feeding us crap and hiding REAL news, which when they do provide it, its so slanted one way or the other ~ I felt so bad for Anna when she lost her son and know first hand what she was going through ~ There should have been NO delay with her burial and her daughter has now inherited all the BS due to this circus, As for Stern and Birkhead receiving TV deals, funny how the MEDIA is critizing them for receiving money from TV deals, but the MEDIA is OFFERING the DEALS and PAYING the BIG BUCKS for the stories....I don't think Anna would mind because she played the MEDIA and got PAID for it ~ Just shows you how SMART the MEDIA really is LOL

what real mother would be so selfish as to deny her daughters wishes.I hope some crazy person crazier than her, puts her outta her misery.That money hungry bitch needs me to teach her a lesson!!God i hate her,did you see her smile!!At the funeral,sick bitch.SELFISH BITCH!!!!!!!I LOVE U ANNA MON

I dont think her mom is a sick bitch, and only that they didnt get along at times....
Dont forget her Mom was a cop....and probably saw a lot of crap go down with Anna Nicole that she didnt like. Still at the end of the day, that is one of Virgie's daughters, and she wanted her to be back home where family could visit her grave, and hopefully at some point Daniels.

This entire anna nicole smith trial is sad!!! anna went to the bahamas to get away from larry birkhead who was with her for 2 yrs and thinks he may be the father of her daughter. She left texas because she was abused by her mother and raped by her brother.
Now that she is dead the rumors continue. Virgie arthur is not as popular now as she was before everyone knew the truth about her. what mother would not grant her childs wishes to be buried with her son?
What mother would accuse howard and anna of killing her son daniel. Did anyone think that maybe daniel had a drug problem and over dosed himself?
that shelly guy that thought since anna was dead he could break into her house and remove all of her legal documents and whatever else he might be able to make money on. He said you can't break into your own house..well he sure did and STOLE things from the mansion. His daughter was the one that painted anna nicoles clown face and by the way what kind of party was going on that day? I have found the media only gives partial news and hides the rest so you have to guess at the truth.
virgie go home...larry find a girlfriend and get married and have your children..leave anna's baby alone!!!

What lawyer isn't a greedy ambulance chaser? Remember the song "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley? Kinda says it all huh? So help me God I will frigging vomit if anyone tries to sugar-coat Howard or make excuses for him. Negotiating custody for money? WTF? Gee Howie, not too obvious are we. Basically he's saying "Ok, Larry, you change the diapers and do the hard part, Uncle Howie just gets to play with the money". Get that kid away from the Howard pig now. I read some of the reader's posts here and I am amazed at the level of stupidity that you're actually willing to put out in public. Give the baby to the natural Father and stop letting these vultures hold her for ransom. Who negotiates a baby like a business deal--a lawyer or people who want child support. Take the money away and let's see who would be changing Danielynns diapers. Poor child is 6 months old and hasn't got a chance in hell.

why is it that people choose to make Howard stern the bad guy and that he is foolish enough to just hand over a baby to a man that may not be the father.Larry Birkhead said the baby was concieved on Jan.1, 2006, if ths was so, the baby would have been born Oct.8th 2006.Anna had full term, the child on Sept.7th 2006. That means she had to of concieved the child arround the end of Nov. or beginning of Dec.2005. Howard stern doesn't have to prove anything, what about Birkhead?

Hello when is Howard the murderer going to be arrested for KILLING them both? Never mind he's best friends with the higher-ups in the Bahamas, has managed to get all the legal proceedings moved there & (as a poster on another forum pointed out) she died on a Native American res (where the law is slightly different that elsewhere in the US)- he is a greedy evil lawyer after all, he obviously planned ahead. It's SO obvious what is going on- the man should be jailed & shouldn't be able to get near the child. I hope Larry takes the child then sues for the money later, before the baby ends up dead of a Howard-administered 'methadone overdose' too :( Wake up ppl!!!!

Why would Howard have to negotiate staying in control of the money? He is named in the will having control. The will is going to stand up in court. I think Birkhead negotiated his own deal with TV. Why is Birkhead wearing blue contacts in his eyes? His eyes were brown in Sept. on Greta.
Anna is a corporation in which she gave Howard a lot of responsibilities. I think the other people coming in at this point are trying a hostile take over.
Anna respected and trusted Howard, I can see why.
Anna did not trust Birkhead and the way he has wormed his way in and the attorney he uses I can understand what she disliked about him.
Why was he even at the funeral after saying all those harsh words to her after Daniel's death. It was court ordered.
I hope it turns out the baby is Howard's and we can all get a great laugh at the talking heads and others in the media. The baby looks like Howard. I can understand his feelings, why should he have to prove any thing to the Am. public. We are far to nosy.

Howard K.Stern must have those 5 people on anna's payrol working the net 24-seven. Get it people he is a loser and he will pay sooner or later. He lived off her while she was alive and still wants her money. Give the baby to the real father Larry. The baby looks like Larry. This is an O.J. story..HKS is a Loser!!!

I am so thankful to see people finally speaking about Howard in the Real Light. He is a very caring loving person. I Pray everyday for that man.
I didn't trust birkhead from the get go. He is playing everyone, and the other "media" stations are eating him up only because Howard uses a different media station.
Most channels have said that Howard was "mad" at Anna's funneral. That he lashed out at Anna's family.
They left out the main parts of his eulogy for Anna. Why? because it showed how much he truly loved her!
I agree with you Nic, and I'm positive there are that believe Howard is innocent and pray that he is Dannilynn's father.
God Bless you Howard, and may the money you earn help you in your continued defense for Anna & yourself.

Goodby Anna..You only get out of life what you put into it. Everything you did and said came back to kick you in the ass. The same applies to you too Stern. Forget all the money, let the real father of that baby raise her like any normal child...without loads of cash. Get a real job Stern,,stop freeloading!!!

Donna, don't stop praying and we should all encourage others to pray for Howard, too. I am so afraid that the public, including that tabloid whore board called "TMZ" is going to drive him to despair with all the lies, half-truths and downright sensationalistic "news stories."

Howard cannot win, no matter what he does. He is vilified for not getting Anna to change her Will after Daniel died, but what if he had? Then he would have been crucified in the media for doing THAT.

He is accused of "living off" Anna, yet he worked tirelessly to get her case heard in the Supreme Court and it's not over yet. Anna has not exactly paid him a bounty since he started representing her.

If Howard manages to get some work through ET or other entertainment stations, he is beat up for that, too. But it's okay for Virgie to sell her estranged daughter's story or it's more than okay for someone else to get their hands on Daniel Smith's pictures and get money for them.

He is accused of keeping Anna as his own "Cash cow." Then why would he destroy his Cash Cow? Or to put it another way, why would he kill the goose who laid the golden egg?

Oh, I know! The seven mythical insurance policies that Fox or some other "news" outlet has seen fit to present as a news feature on their site. Once again, rubbish until proven otherwise.

Howard just can't win, though, not with the hungry, gossip-loving public who just love to hear a good salacious "news story." A story where someone is reviled, where reputations are destroyed and where people are literally driven to suicide.

Let's hope Howard is stronger than that. Let's pray that Howard has the strength, hope and faith to continue his work on earth until he is called to be with Anna again.

I think Anna would want Howard to get money. Also, if the tables were turned, Anna the guy and Howard the girl, most people would be saying alot of different things. Howard was the one constant in Anna's life for over a decade and she loved him.

The seven mystical life insurance policies came via Vergie Arthurs attorney. The guy in Texas who fell out at the perfect time in court. He is suppose to be some big, rich attorney in Texas. He is the one who started this "it's been reported that...seven life insurance policies". All they have to do is say, "it's been reported that" and they are off the hook for slander. I am glad to find others who realize how ridiculous our media has become.
Birkhead was under contract with Anna in regards to the pictures he is using so he either worked something out with Stern, because Stern is head of the corp with complete executive power, or he is in breach of contract. I know before Anna'a death he was in breach. I have heard Howard say he does not like to sue so maybe that is what all this talk between Stern and Birkhead is about. TMZ is trying to make us believe it is about Stern handing over his baby but I doubt it because Stern is going to fight for Anna's wishes until the day he dies.

One other thought is Anna understands the importance of good parenting. She did not want bad parenting for her child, she lived that one. Did you hear the words Birkhead used to Anna right after Daniel's death? Look at how he talks when he is mad. We get mad at our kids, would you want your child to hear that kind of anger? Also, why did Birkhead go after the baby after Daniel's death? Was it because she was next in line? He waited until after Daniel died. Why didn't he go to the Bahamas in the first place? He did want to be the star.

hey larry birkhead is the father the baby looks just like him. even anna nicole smith said he was the father. plus if you guys have been watching the news stern is saying that he knows he is not the father.

when did stern say he is not the father? I never heard that.

I did hear that Howard conceded Larry is the father - but who knows if that's even true. I think Danilynn looks like Howard to be honest. Howard is the only person in Anna's life who did not betray her (except her son Danny of course). What started out as purely business turned into friendship and then deep love. It was obvious they adored each other. Howard gave up everything to help Anna - he did everything for her. Larry betrayed her - used her - after he promised he would never do so. that's why Anna didn't want him to have the baby, whether it's his or not. Even if he is the biological father - it doesn't make him a dad. And Virgie? gag me. That woman makes me sick. And Billy Smith wanting Danny's body moved? Who do you think would pay for that? He abandoned them both when Danny was a baby. In my eyes he has NO rights here.
Keep on fighting Howard - fight the good fight. I wish you happiness....

the only thing i heard about howard not being the dad is from harvey ? from TMZ and then the other press ran with it under the "it has been reported that" protection from slander suit. It strikes me odd you can see Larry wearing blue contacts in some interviews when his eyes were brown on greta in Sept. 06. Also, Larry breached a contract with anna and said a lot of nasty things to her right after her son died. I can understand why anna would not want that kind of parent for her daughter, look at what her own mom did to her. She had a really bad childhood and I believe never got over it. She said she was raped and her mom had lots of husbands.

Everyone thinks Larry is such a class-act but I don't buy it. I think he's a phony. He didn't come after Danilyn until after Danny died - and was downright cruel about it. He's just after the money in my eyes.

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