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March 8, 2007

Human Rights Campaign calls for stop to Ann Coulter

The Human Rights Campaign is firing back at right wing servant, Ann Coulter, after she used the word "faggot" while referring to Presidential candidate John Edwards.

As we told you earlier, some papers have already dropped the column.  Now, the HRC is asking you to write the big wigs at Universal Press to encourage them to drop Coulter all together.

Send a clear message to Lee Salem, Executive Vice President and Editor, Universal Press that providing a platform for Ann Coulter to spout anti-gay rhethoric by syndicating her column  must stop now.

Those interested are asked to send the text below in a letter to Mr. Salem

I respectfully write to you today asking that you no longer provide a platform for a person who has proven she will flippantly use hate speech for a cheap laugh.

As the largest independent newspaper syndicate in the world, you have a responsibility to the American people, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, not to become a platform for this type of shameful discourse.

Please put a stop to her hateful speech by no longer carrying Ann Coulter as a syndicated columnist.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

You can send this letter directly from the HRC website.  Looks like this could be the first step to banning the "F-Word."

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What the hells wrong with you sick people, She hasn't said anything untrue
to hell with political correctness call it like it is , a rose by any other
name smells the same......

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tagwzf hnbvp pdmi lkzs xqgjnu yldqbg dsywr

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