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March 7, 2007

Is Britney Spears leaving rehab?

Remember when we told you that Britney Spears had gone wacko in rehab and tried to kill herself?  We'll now, after only two weeks of treatment; she's had enough.  Evidently the pop tart wants out!  US Weekly is reporting that the rehab doctors are "in shock at what bad shape she's in."

Their source says she is getting in "tons of trouble" and is ready to leave the Promises facility.

"She's convinced she's suffering from postpartum depression and does not think she has an alcohol or drug problem," the source says. "She's angry at her family and her manager for pressuring her to enter the program. She feels she was ambushed."

The former singer has been reprimanded for making cellphone calls, has left the facility to go shopping, and now she wants to leave rehab for good.

Comeback probability at this point:  Unlikely.

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Poor Britney....boo hoo. Of couse she's not into drugs, you guys? She's a good girl. She's Britney. She would never do drugs. Surrrrrrrrreeeeeee.

Hey, if Brit wants to leave rehab she should. She might need to reach China instead of just rock bottom. K-Fed needs to have complete custody. Brit can see the kids with supervision. Her entire family must forget about her or they'll all be on their way to China with her. Get it?

And Brit, if you get a chance to read this---grow up. You've got 2 kids and if you can't be a role model, then let them go and enjoy skid row, cause that's where you're heading. And by the way, stealing grocery carts is a crime.

I feel they should leave her in there until she is mentally stable. She is a danger to herself and her children. But people need to give her a break because until you are at the low that she is right now people should try to be supportive instead of judgmental.

I think Britneys doing the best she can right now. shes been in the lime light all her life, suddenly shes doing things she wants and is haveing fun, fair enouth. She has hitt rock bottem, only because shes had too much fun and doesnt know when enouth is enouth. Cut her some slack... she was only trying to be humman, after all every one has a few problems once in a while. its only because shes watched constantly by the media and us that shes gone the way she is. Let the poor girl breath!

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