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James St. James: from nightclub icon to teen mentor?

James St. James paved the way for people like me to have a weekly show at a nightclub. Okay, so that was some Shameless Self Promotion, but it is a good opportunity to invite you to check out my show any Saturday night a Rush in NYC... but I digress.

James St. James was one of the leaders in the 'club kid' era in New York City, and yes - he's the same guy who was a guest judge on America's Next Top Model and a regular guest on the Tyra Banks show.  He's also the guy who was played by Seth Green in the movie Party Monster based on his book Disco Bloodbath.  Ok, fine he's the former friend of the killing club kid, Michael Alig.

As if a few appearances along side Tyra and ruling the NYC nightclub scene wasn't enough - now James St. James is lending a helping hand to teen drag queens.  Who else to hear it from than the head queen -- Micheal Musto.  You'll love it trust me.

I would totally review it myself, but I'm not really big on reading.  Maybe when I'm his age?  JUST KIDDING... I love James St. James.  Werk it out girl!

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