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March 6, 2007

K-Fed skips town with the kids, plans birthday bashes

While mom's in rehab, dad and the boys are going to Vegas.  That's right, it's true, Kevin Federline has taken his two sons on vacation while Britney Spears is recovering at Promises in Malibu!!

According to People magazine, Federline took 18-month-old Sean Preston and 6-month-old Jayden James with him while travelling to Las Vegas, where he was due to make an appearance at the Mirage Hotel and Casino.

Federline is also planning his own birthday bash in Vegas and inviting his "fans" to come on down!  Here's how:

Party Like a Celebrity at Kevin Federline's Private Birthday Bashes in Los Angeles & Vegas!

You search the web every day, now you can win ultra VIP party invites doing it. Kevin Federline is offering fans who search the web at www.searchwithkevin.blog an exclusive chance to win tickets to his private birthday bashes in Los Angeles (March 21) and Las Vegas (March 24).

Each day a handful of winning times are chosen at random. If you do the first search after this selected time, you win a prize or sweepstakes entry - instantly. The more sweepstakes entries you earn, the better chance you have of winning the grand prize party tickets. www.searchwithkevin.blog requires no registration. Simply use www.searchwithkevin.blog every day just like you would use any search engine. Sweepstakes and instant prize winners are selected every few hours. The 10 grand prize winners (+ guests) will be announced on March 19th. 25 runner-up winners will also receive autograph photos, while T-shirts will be awarded as 'instant-win' prizes. Contest winners need to provide their own travel and accommodations. See www.searchwithkevin.blog for rules and regulations.

Federline's posse tells the media that he's playing it low key and tucking the boys in each night.  Meanwhile, who the hell would want to go to his birthday party?

Does he really have fans?

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just when i thought he couldn't stoop any lower...

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