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Kylie Minogue songs leaked, record label tries to recover

There's been a bit of controversy surrounding some new songs that have surfaced this week said to be future releases by international pop superstar Kylie Minogue.  A Kylie insider tells gaysocialites.blog that the songs, Excuse My French and When The Cat's Away, infact WERE recorded by Kylie and are new songs, not old demos as her record label claims.

After the tracks started showing up on forums and websites like this one, Kylie's label reps quickly denied that the person singing was actually Kylie. 

"In a panic at the leakage of this new material they informed all parties questioning the song that it was actually an "Old demo" and that in fact it wasn't Kylie singing," our insider tells us.

If its not Kylie, then who is it?  According to her record label, Parlophone, it was a session singer.  That's when a demo is recorded with a 'stand-in' singer to sound like the intended artist so the song can be considered for the album.

"Whilst this session singer sound-a-like process is actually common practice in the demo process of big artists in this instance it is not the case," according to our source.  "The leaked Excuse My French that you hear is very much Kylie's vocals and very much a new and real demo, recorded in 2006. It is not her new comeback single but it is indeed new material recorded as part of the demo sessions process for her forthcoming album, currently being labelled as Kylie X."

But can this brainwashing work?  According to our insider, a Kylie Minogue and music expert...

"Many fans, after hearing they "weren't Kylie" then went on to convince themselves they never thought it was her in the first place. This is how throwing a fake spanner into the works can often confuse people and lead them to actually believe whatever yarn they are being spun."

Our source who is very close to camp Kylie very confidently said, "it can be confirmed, both Excuse My French and When The Cat's Away are indeed genuine Kylie demos and are also, indeed, new material."

Meanwhile, the record label is still shuffling to find out how the material leaked and is attempting to prevent future distribution.

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You had it leaked on here and frankly I do not give a damn who is "singing" both the leaked tracks are bloody awful.More like the sort of fluff one expects out of the mouths of 18 year old pop babes than an almost 40 yo one.god she has depth of a teaspoon.

kylie has great songs and much depth. Her record label has a lot to do with what material they want her to do... She is a pop-star not a folk-legend... I never want to see Kylie looking all homely just because she's almost 40

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