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March 9, 2007

Kylie.blog says 'leaked' track isn't Minogue singing

Kylie Minogue is addressing rumors about a recently leaked song that really shouldn't have made it out yet. 

According to Kylie.blog:


Kylie.blog would like to set the record straight regarding a track attributed to Kylie entitled 'Excuse My French'.

Kylie is not singing on the track and she has never recorded a song by that name.

She is currently in the studio recording tracks for her tenth studio album hopefully to be released later this year.


We first told you about the 'leak' earlier this week, and Anthony Lago spoke with a Kylie insider who confirmed it was indeed a leaked track of new material with Miz Minogue singing.

"In a panic at the leakage of this new material they informed all parties questioning the song that it was actually an "Old demo" and that in fact it wasn't Kylie singing," Anthony's insider tells us.

Regardless of whether it was Kylie singing or not, we are really looking forward to hearing her new album when it does drop!

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