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Larry Birkhead's unwanted fan

The man made famous through his battle for custody of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter seems to have an unwanted fan.

Larry Birkhead says he is practically being stalked by a Florida woman, who evidently works for the Broward County School District.

"She showed up there and she was jumping in the elevators and stuff," Birkhead said.

Larry told Access Hollywood he first noticed the woman during the hearings that took place immediately following Anna Nicole's death last month.

Then last week she was seen trying to talk her way into the Bahamian courtroom where hearings were being held. Later she actually tried to climb into the car with him. And our man in the Bahamas was told she'd been around the hotel, where Larry is staying, offering money to anyone who would tell her his room number. We were told today she was taken to the office of hotel security at the Atlantis Resort. We found the woman's room number today and called it, but she wouldn't tell us anything about herself or why she wanted to talk with Larry so badly.

Birkhead is expected to be back in court with Howard K. Stern and Virgie Arthur on Tuesday when a judge is expected to rule that Smith's infant daughter, Dannielynn, be brought in for DNA testing if she hasn't already.

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