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Law and Order takes on the Anna Nicole Smith story

Law and Order: Criminal Intent has signed actress Kristy Swanson to play Lorelei Mailer, a role based on the controversial fall of Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.

The show will also include a character based on Smith's companion and former attorney Howard K. Stern rumored to be played by comedian Jon Lovitz.  While Stern, the man who claims to be the father of Anna Nicole's baby, Dannielynn, will get his own character; Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead is said to have been left out of the show.

A character based loosely on Smith’s estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, is likely to make the cut.

The episodes featuring the plot line that mirrors Anna Nicole's controversy is slated to air during May sweeps.


To bad they didn't even consider using
a Professional Anna Nicole Smith impersonator.

There is a woman who I know who impersonates Mimi from the
Drew Carey show who would be perfect to play Anna's mom!
That is IF she'd even accept the role of such a person.

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