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Leonardo DiCaprio causes brawl between photographers and security

Two of Leonardo DiCaprio's bodyguards were arrested, but quickly released after a scuffle broke out between them and the paparazzi.  Before the paparazzi could even gloat, the cops were turning it around on the media trying to get a shot of Leonardo and his latest model-girlfriend Bar Rafaeli.

The Israeli tabloids are evidently somewhat shocked to see that Bar Rafaeli could get a Hollywood hunk like Leonardo DiCaprio, so they're doing whatever it takes to get a few pics of the hot couple. 

After the cops took DiCaprio's security guards in, they realized the paparazzi was to blame.  The cops order the photographers and reporters to give Leonardo and Bar some privacy.

You know, once Leonardo DiCaprio's mother accused me of taking his picture on my cell phone.  I really didn't, but I wish I would have thought of it. PALEEEASE!  True story.


Charles, please dish - when and where did Leo's mom accuse you of taking his picture on your cell?And why would she be upset about that? I heard she was a real cool person so I'm surprised she would have acted like that. She's so cool, his ex-girlfriend, Giselle Bunchen, Budchen or whatever her name is, says she adores Leo's mom and still stays in touch - it's in the latest Italian Vogue.

I think Bar is a good catch for Leo - she is gorgeous; a younger better looking version of Giselle.

I just started watching Leo and Bar's life when I heart they took an overnight flight to Israel. He's lucky to have her, she's corn fed.

I think that Leo is so much better than Bar because he deserves someone that is about his age and that he suits.I really dont think that Leo and Bar suit.

LOve steff

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