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Naomi Campbell admits drug use

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is finally admitting that she was hooked on cocaine.  Seriously, like we didn't already suspect that.  We all know that throwing cell phones at people is sign #1 that someone is 'jonesing' for line of nose candy.

The 36-year-old model said she was first offered coke when she was 24, but now attends daily Narcotics Anonymous meetings no matter where she is traveling in the world at that time.

When asked about doing drugs she said,"It made me feel invincible. Like I could conquer the world. I was just completely over-confident, but it's all a misconception because when you wake up the next day it's all gone and you feel awful."

Just hold on to your cell phone sweetie and don't swing at any staffers.  You'll get through it nicely.

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