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Naomi Campbell 'works it' at community service assignment

Supermodel Naomi Campbell reported for duty this morning cleaning at the Department of Sanitation.  To avoid cameras and paparazzi attention, Campbell will work inside.

The lady who is accused of throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper, will turn into a housekeeper herself as she sports an orange reflector vest and a pair of work gloves for the job. Sanitation department deputy chief Albert Durrell advised that the 36-year-old should swap her heels for jeans and sneakers.

Campbell pleaded guilty in January to a misdemeanour charge of reckless assault for the attack on Anna Scolavino

She bargained to clean instead of going to prison.  Probably a good choice!


She is a slave by origin. Whats the fuss about? Shes just been kind of lazy lately.

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