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New Indiana Jones to star Cate Blanchett

The fourth installment of the long awaited Indiana Jones series “Indiana Jones and the Ancient Prophecy” starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones will likely feature a whole list of stars in addition to Ford himself.

It looks like Cate Blanchett will join the cast as Ford's side-kick Bathsheba Malone. 

In the line-up so far, Steven Spielberg has been named director and the film will be produced by Lucasfilm,  George Lucas's company. Filming will start later this year.  

Ford played Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade.  Some rumors had started that Ford, 64, might be replaced by a younger actor who might be able to better keep up with the studly Indiana Jones feel, but it has been confirmed that Harrison will take on the starring role in this, what could be, the final installment.

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