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No international food delivery for Kanye West

Earlier this week, chef Kaysor Ahmed of British Raj restaurant, located in Wales told the media that he would be flying to the US to deliver an order for rapper Kanye West.

In great detail, Ahmed explained how he would prepare the food, pack it in dry ice and accompany it on a plane to New York.  Kanye says he doesn't know anything about it.

Was it a prank or a publicity stunt?

 "There is no meeting in New York. There never has been," the rapper's spokesman Gabe Tesoriero said Tuesday, according to AP. Tesoriero called the story "patently false."

The resturant confirms that the meal is en route, and the $3900 bill has been paid for by a promotion company called Raw Soul

Kanye's reps say he won't even be in New York on Wednesday, and that the food is definitely not intended for him.

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