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NY cop gets indicted and parties to the tune of $4.2K




What would you do if you got indicted on manslaughter charges?  It's a tough question to answer, huh?  Well Michael Oliver, the cop who got indicted for shooting 31 of the 50 shots at the New York City groom-to-be Sean Bell after his bachelor party, went out and partied like a rock star spending $4,200 on dinner at a New York City flashy resturant!

The New York Post is reporting that he wined and dined at the lavish hot spot Nello known for its high profile and celebrity clientelle.  It's definitely a place where you to go to be seen. 

Oliver had an hourlong dinner at 7 p.m. yesterday with four young hotties and the man who picked up the check, José Garcia, Oliver's friend from Spain.

The unmarried Oliver was particularly flirty with one foxy brunette, said sources inside the restaurant.

The paper also reports one of their sources saying that: 'throughout the grand-jury proceedings, Oliver was seen partying at Chelsea club Cain on West 27th Street. He was apparently dating one of the bar's hostesses.'

I guess you can't blame the guy for living ever day like it might be his last!  He may be headed to prison.

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