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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills near a divorce settlement

Dancing with the Stars isn't the only thing on Heather Mills' mind.  The former model claims she needs $19,000 a day "just to get by," and she's expecting it in the form of alimony from her estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney.

McCartney says he isn't worth "far less" than the $2 billion that everyone thinks he has.  However, it looks like he and Mills have reached a deal at $71 million. 

The couple separated in May of last year after being married for four years and began divorce proceedings in July. The divorce proceedings took a particularly nasty turn when Mills claimed that McCartney had been violent towards her during the four year marriage.

Meanwhile an online gambling service is taking bets on whether or not Mills will loose her artificial leg on Dancing with the Stars set to debut on March 19.

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