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Police say they aren't investigating a homicide in Anna Nicole Smith's death

Police in Florida say they aren't necessarily investigating Anna Nicole Smith's death as a homicide. 

Bahamian authorities went to Florida to meet with Seminole tribal police this week to talk about the ongoing investigation into the former Playboy model's sudden death on Feb. 8.  Cops however say they aren't investigating a homicide.

The Broward County State Attorney's Office says that prosecutors were not involved in the meeting that took place between the Seminole detectives and Royal Bahamas Police Commissioner.

"We are continuing to help law enforcement agencies and the medical examiner as they try and figure out the nature of this death," state attorney's office spokesman Ron Ishoy said. "This is not a homicide investigation."

Police have also obtained two computers that were taken from the Bahamas home where Anna Nicole was staying. 

Ford Shelley, a former friend of Smith's, turned the computers over to cops.  Shelley is the son-in-law of G. Ben Thompson, the man who owns the home where Smith was staying with her companion Howard K. Stern and new-born daughter Dannielynn.

TMZ is reporting that police found invoices on one of the laptops for prescription drugs including Demerol and the sleep disorder drug Dalmane which according to the files on the computer were shipped to Anna Nicole while she was 8-months pregnant.

As you remember, our source told gaysocialites.blog exclusively that medical examiners have determined that extremely high doses of Demerol and Methadone are the cause for Smith's death.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death and the controversy surrounding it while you're here.


we are going to miss you anna you shall rest in peace we all should respect you in every way since you had given all of us our thanks and your love

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