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March 28, 2007

Post rehab rendezvous for Lindsay Lohan and Robbie Williams?

Lindsay Lohan tells People magazine that is dating someone, but for once the socialite-actress is keeping her lips sealed.  She has, however, confirmed two things... 1) her new beau isnt' Brandon Davis and 2) the mystery man isn't here in the US.

"No, I'm not dating him (Davis). It's no one here,” she said.

Brandon Davis is the sweaty LA club rat who called Lindsay "fire-crotch" on the video that made its way around the web last year.

This leaves tabloids speculating that Robbie Williams may be Lindsay's new man. Despite each making a recent attempted to go through rehab, the two were spotted together in Hollywood Monday night at The Tudors premiere after-party.

Lohan was also seen cuddled up with hottie/ nanny fucker, Jude Law, last time she was in NY.

Both men seem to be a bit out of her age range, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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