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Prince Harry Scuffles with Paparrazzi


Prince Harry literally stumbled into photographers on Saturday night as he left London hot spot Boujis.  One paparazzi even claims Harry tried to assault him, and it was all caught on camera.

"He screamed at me... Then grabbed me and tried to shove me over.  He has his hands around my collar and back," photographer Nirach Tanner told the News of the World.  "It was an assault," he added.

Harry's royal reps say it was an accident.

"He was out with friends and on the way out of the nightclub he stumbled on the curb and fell on the photographer," he said. "There was no agressive intent, they were laughing at it at the time."

This isn't the first time Harry has been accused of going after a paparazzo  In 2004, the spare to the heir lunged at a photographer outside another London nightclub.

The photos of this incident can seemingly take the story either way.

Clarence House denies any wrong on the part of the hottie prince.



There's just something about a sexy bad boy Prince. Tell me you don't see it too!

Update: Prince William is in some nightclub heat of his own.

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