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March 1, 2007

Radio station bails out Bobby Brown

Washington DC's Hot 99.5 FM says they bailed former R&B singer, Bobby Brown, out of jail for more than $19,000.

As we first told you here at gaysocialites.blog that Brown was arrested and jailed in Massachusetts for unpaid child support totalling the same amount.

According to a DJ at the station who goes by Kane, they station paid Whitney Houston's ex-husband's bills in exchange for one week of work at the station.

"In exchange for the money, he agreed to be an employee of our radio station for one week," Kane said. "We are going to have a very open and candid conversation (about his situation and how he will turn his life around)."

The "My Perogative" singer owned his baby's momma, Kim Ward, the money.  Brown was coincidentally attending his daughter's cheerleading competition when he was arrested.


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