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March 12, 2007

Scandalous video could destroy Britney Spears

We have all heard the stories about Britney Spears' night of partying with the dancers at New York's nightclub One on February 12 that accompany these pictures.  Evidently there's another picture of the former pop superstar's ass that some perve snapped while she was trading clothes with one of the dancers.  The highest bidder gets it, and we're at about $150,000... do I hear $150,001? 

That's not the worst part though, evidently there is also a video that was taken in the office of the nightclub that got Britney doing something worse than showing her ass. 

The NY Daily News quoted a source saying, "If that thing goes on the Internet, there's going to be big trouble. It might be what they need to take [Spears'] kids away from her."

Spears is, of course, in rehab at the Promises Rehabilitiation Center in Malibu.  Her two kids are with her estranged husband Kevin Federline.  Reports keep flooding from the facility that Spears is battling bulimia, on suicide watch and practically going crazy by running through the halls.

I wonder if its a lesbian sex tape or a tape of her doing drugs?  I can't freakin' wait!

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