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Simon Cowell outs Ryan Seacrest

For those of you who aren't hooked to the TV on Tuesday and Wednesday night to soak in every moment with an American Idol addiction, then you aren't going to believe what you missed!

Simon Cowell basically outted Ryan Seacrest on live television.  Here's how it went:

Ryan Seacrest: "We have a question from Georgia. What do you consider the hardest part of this contest?"

Melinda Doolittle: "Wow. I would have to say the high heels and these dresses. I like my tennis shoes and my sweat pants. I'm sorry."

Seacrest: "Simon, any advice on the high heels?"

Cowell: "You should know, Ryan."

Seacrest: "Stay out of my closet, Simon."

Cowell: "Well, come out."

Seacrest: "This is about the top twelve. Okay? Not your wishes...We're friends."

Makes you wonder doesn't it?


Ok, Ryan and Simon are Straight... this is all over-exadurated.
Just because they were dissing each other on the show dosn't give anyone the right to start saying that they are gay.

this is so pointless. Everyone need to get over themself and not be so dramatic.

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