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Star Jones got a job!

According to TMZ.blog, Court TV has announced it has signed Star Jones Reynolds to host her own show about criminal justice intersecting with pop culture.
So basically, she's doing "Celebrity Justice," a show produced by Telepictures from 2002 through 2005.

Oh, all I remember was the horrible theme music. Hopefully, Star won't make an ass out of herself like she did on "The View" before they finally kicked her ass to the curb.


Shit, don't hate on Star

That does it for me - will never watch Court TV ever again.

I'm willing to give Star a chance. I'm happy she has a new project and wish her well.

She appears to have been humbled by her past experience and I believe she deserves another chance.

There are many celebs that have done much worse than self-promote and keep mum on their weight loss. I'm going to watch the show with an open mind.

I will also give her a second chance. But I have to give Star her props for that brand new slamming look!!! She's all blonde (or at least for the day), has cute new eye-wear, she's lost another 100 pounds, looks like she had cosmetic surgery and she has trimmed her hair in a cute new bob.

Go with your bad self girl.

Check it out here: http://www.radaronline.blog/exclusives/2007/03/star-jones-to-the-view-forget-you.php

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