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Sunday Morning Gospel: What we have learned from Anna Nicole Smith's death

The Sunday Morning Gospel is our way of tying life's lessons to pop culture in hopes that we can all live, laugh and learn!

Today we're looking back at what we can all learn from the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Here's some advise based on Anna Nicole's controversy after she died on February 8th in Broward County, FL of causes still unknown.

1.  Its all coming out after you die.
I don't mean to sound morbid or to scare the shit out of everyone, but all of those little secrets you have now are coming out after you die, such as; methadone addictions, who your baby's daddy really is, crazy videos, scandalous pictures, etc.  So either hide it VERY well or don't do it all.

2.  Tie up your loose strings, don't procrastinate.
If you have pending items that you have been putting off, I advise you to get off your ass and get it done.  If you don't make these decisions now, someone else will make them for you after you croak.  For example, if you aren't sure whether or not you're a citizen of the US or the Bahamas, trot yourself down to the immigration office and figure it out!  We aren't all former models turned reality stars.  If you're a nobody and an illegal alien the government might put your body in a box and mail it to your homeland.  Or as another example, if you're only somewhat married; you need to get an official stamp on it ASAP!  If not, your significant other may not have any rights after you are gone.  If you're gay and your state doesn't recognize gay marriage, civil unions or domestic partnership... see also #5.

3. You can run but you can't hide.
If you're running from something or someone (i.e. the real father of you 5-month old baby), you gotta get them off your back sooner or later.  From the looks of the way things have turned out for Anna Nicole Smith, later is waaaaay too late!!  Figure out a solution now or you may not get an opinion at all!

4. Your family always has a 'say so.'
You may hate your family, but they're always your family.  It doesn't matter if you haven't spoken to them in 10 years or if you're 'estranged;' they are going to come out of the wood work when you die  to at least act like they love you.  If you hate them that much, see also #5.

5. Write a will.
It really doesn't matter if you are broke and don't have any possessions, you should still make a will.  Don't just write it on a napkin.  Make it legit and register it with the court.  Be sure to include all the details on how envision your final day and where you want to be laid to rest.  If you don't a court may decide it all for you.  Additionally, if you want to leave your personal items to someone who isn't legitimately related to you then you need to put it in writing!

Anna Nicole Smith was buried on Friday in the Bahamas.

Get more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death while you're here.


I well miss you love you R.I.P

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