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The 21st Century Fight


We have all been there. You have a great day with your significant other, and then you get a text message. You thought that steak dinner was delicious! You held hands in the movie. That good night kissed knocked you off your feet. What is that beep? A text, that says " I hate you". What is that about?

You ponder left and right. What could of gone wrong? So you call...NO RESPONSE! Then you get texts back. What is that about? How old are we again? And the cruel texts start. And then you sign online and you get nasty e-mails and instant messages. Yet everytime you call, no answer nothing but the sound of your beloved's voice mail.

Is technology hurting us? I was born in 1983 and the internet was not as prominent then as it is now. As a teenager aim was very new, and it was not used to hurt or insult. Just to make friends and keep in touch.

What is this new age argument? I am scared to learn what will be next. Divorce via myspace/instant/text message? I believe it's the matter of immediate response. It is not as if a text message travels faster then a phone call. In fact, it is bound to make the person more angry.

The end result here, the new methods of fighting is not a LOL matter. If you are not in the mood to talk things out, then wait until you are to fight. If you need to cool down, simply sign off and walk away.

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