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March 11, 2007

The Week-in-Britney Spears

Britney Spears has made it through a whole week of rehab! 

Well, sorta.  The former pop tart has skipped out a few times for visits with her kids and estranged hubby Kevin Federline.  She has left the Promises facility to do a bit of shopping, and she is said to have been running up and down the halls at night leading to a suicide watch.  Now, she is ready to come home.

Insiders report that Brit has been missing her two sons Jaden James and Sean Preston horribly!  Paparazzo's have spotted K-Fed and Brit at the park with the boys, and they have caught Britney's three guys arriving as early as 6am and leaving as late as 10pm. 

We also keep hearing that Britney is breaking rules left and right.  Not only is she leaving the facility to hang out with her family, but she is also supposedly doing her fair share of shopping.  Brit has hit the road to pick up a few things and phoned in a list to her cousin for online ordering.

The strangest thing is that witness say the "Toxic" singer ran up and down the hallways then went back to her room where she tried to kill herself with a bed sheet.  Shortly after that, she went on suicide watch.

Now Spears says she is ready to come home, claiming she doesn't have a problem afterall -- she now says its just post partom depression. 

Meanwhile on the outside, her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and his music producer Timbaland are taking about helping Britney with a comeback album.

Let's see if she can make it another week, shall we?  Only 4 or 5 more to go!

Come back probability at this point:  Unpredictable

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that picture is hilarious!

I want she and Justin to get back together so badly

I agree with Liza, I want her and Justin to get back together.

I mean. They both are single now ;)

let's hope the year 2007 gets them in a comeback too ;)

BTW: Britney is my all time favorite singer!!

britney spears is an out of control whore. i feel sorry for her kids.

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