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This Week in Lindsay Lohan news: Socialite Hall of Fame

Lindsay Lohan is a publicity genius!  She somehow manages to keep her name in the headlines even when she is doing nothing at all.  That's why Lindsay Lohan is our first inductee into the Socialite Hall of Fame!

Lindsay did absolutely nothing that was constructive or really provoking this week, but it's how she did and it who she did it with that kept this newly rehabbed actress in our blog and on headlines around the world!

Lohan started off the week by heading to New York City to say good bye to the states before heading to London to tape a movie.

While in the city, Lindsay met up with her party-monster momager Dina, Marc Jacobs pre-rehab boy-toy Jason Preston and DJ AM to party it up!  What's a girl who just got out of rehab doing at such NYC nightclubs as Stereo and Butter?  Partying it up, of course!  I'm not one to point fingers, and I wasn't there -- so I don't know if she was drinking or snorting or whatever; but I'm not sure a nightclub is a place to hang out after just finishing a 12-step program.

While partying in New York, Lohan managed to plow down a paparazzi who was trying to take a picture of her leaving the club.  Don't worry, Lindsay went unharmed.  The photographer was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released.

We can't forget about her little quasi-almost-love-rendezvous she had while whisking through the big apple.  Sienna Miller is probably dying, but Lohan was evidently seen cuddled up with Jude Law while in New York as well.  For two nights in row, Lindsay and Jude met up at the Box for a bit of laughing and comrade.  They even met up with some of Jude Law's friends like Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

Finally, the most exciting news of all... Lindsay's estranged father, Michael, just happened to get out of prison the same weekend that Lindsay is back in New York.  Access Hollywood met up with Michael to record his first call to Lindsay.  She didn't pick up, and there's no word on whether or not she has called him back.  I would say that chances are unlikely.  It seems that she even had security at Plumm on Thursday night tightened up, because she was worried that her father might try to show up to say hello.

Daddy Lohan is also cooking up a plan of his own, evidently he wants to put together a reality show for he and Lindsay. 

Lindsay Lohan's father wants her and Paris Hilton to star in a new reality show.  Lindsay's father Michael, who was released from prison Tuesday, wants to be stranded on a desert island with Lindsay, Paris, Jessica Simpson and their fathers.

Yeh, right... Daddy Lohan would probably go psycho and beat the shit out of Papa Joe Simpson... maybe he is on to something here??  Totally kidding!

Congratulations Lindsay, you did nothing all week and still managed to make the news!  That's why you're our first EVER inductee to the Socialite Hall of Fame!

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