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This Week-in-Anna Nicole Smith

Playboy model turned reality star Anna Nicole Smith has seen almost as much fame since death as she did when she was alive and ticking.  This past week her mother and ex-husband have filed papers to have Smith's son exhumed and moved to Texas while her drug dealing doctor has avoided medical examiners.  Now this upcoming week, a custody battle for her only living heir will begin.

The rollercoaster ride has only just begun.

Anna Nicole's first husband Billy Smith and her estranged mother Virgie Arthur began a campaign to dig up Anna Nicole and Billy's son Daniel to move his dead body to Texas for burial near the family he never really knew.  A few weeks ago, Anna Nicole's friends finally buried her right next to Daniel after weeks of court battles, but if her family has their way the buxom blonde's body will lay in the Bahamas alone.

Meanwhile back in the United States, the medical examiner who was prepared to release Anna Nicole's cause of death on Friday has put his decision on hold after speaking with local police about evidence that could change his verdict. The examiner Dr. Joshua Perper said he has spoken with everyone close to Smith with the exception of the doctor who issued a prescription for methadone to Smith while she was 8-months pregnant.  Dr. Sandeep Kapoor said through an attorney that he doesn't have anything to contribute to the investigation.  Kapoor has justified his decision to prescribe methadone to a pregnant Anna Nicole Smith despite questions on why he would give her methadone at all.  Methadone is a drug that is often prescribed to help heroine users kick their addiction, but witnesses say Anna Nicole has been using the drug as a pain killer for years.

This week is also when things will start to pick-up with the custody battle over Smith's infant daughter, Dannielynn.  The 6-month-old little girl is expected to inherit millions from her mother's estate.  Now, a three-way battle between Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur; the custody battle is more heated than ever.  The end result will likely come down to a paternity test.  If there is no clean-cut answer on who the father of the child is, then Arthur may snag custody as Dannielynn's nearest living relative.

Anna Nicole Smith died of still unknown causes on February 8th while vacationing in Florida.  She was buried nearly one month later.

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I think Virgie Arthur needs to get over herself. It's obvious she's a control freak. Not paying any mind to her beloved daughter's last wishes (to be buried in the Bahamas next to her son). Why doesn't she just leave Anna alone and get on with her life. If she claims to love her, then let her be. Let her last wishes be granted and for crying out loud, Leave Them BE!!!

Where was Vergie when Anna needed her?? NOW THAT IT IS ALL ABOUT the money everyone wants a piece of the action! The one person that everyone should be concerned about is Dannielynn! The DNA should have already been done, and the baby placed with the Father, but everyone is toooo busy fighting over money instead of the child. Seems like everyones priorities are going the wrong way!!!!!!

One of the most creative comments I've read was after the release of Anna's death certificate, which stated that she did not have an education beyond the 8th grade.

As the writer noted, Virgie already buried her daughter in Texas 26 years ago.

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