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March 23, 2007

This-week-in: the Nightclub Scoop

This has been an exciting week of nightclub news for gaysocialites.blog, and the world in generally really.  Britney Spears got a speedy graduation from rehab to go to a party, a historic nightclub is reopening and its basically taking over Saturday nights in NYC, and some gay New York DJ's have decided to throw down at a straight club.  Could the nightlife really be coming back?!

As we told you earlier this week, New York City's gay nightlife has basically unified to bring you one of the biggest gay parties in New York history.  John Blair, Alan Picus and Mistress Formika Jones are leading the reopening of New York City's AvalonAvalon was known as the Limelight for the first few decades of its existence before John Blair took over and reinvented the club just a few years ago.  For a while it looked like a retailer such as H&M might take the space and turn it into a clothing outlet. 

Instead, just about every gay promoter, host, drag queen, performer, dj and patron will flood back to the church turned nightclub ever Saturday night starting March 31!

gaysocialites.blog is joining the crew that includes John Blair, Alan Picus, Mistress Michael Formika (as we mentioned) along with Steve Sidewalk, Vito Fun, Cazwell, Amanda LaPore, Chris Ryan, DJ Adam, Acid Betty, Kitty Litter, Seth Gold, James Copolla, Danny Enichi and well just about all the NYC nightclub icons... you get the drift.  It's going to be insane, and we hope you'll join us there.  I, personally, will host a Scandalous Show in the Scandalous Spider club presented by Alan Picus.  It's a VIP club inside Avalon that exclusively permits patrons that are 18 or older!  If you think you've seen one of my crazy shows before, you ain't seen nothing yet!!

As I'm really excited about Scandal in the Spider Club at Avalon, I am also excited about the new club down the street called Rush at 16th and 6th.  I have worked at 579 Sixth Avenue for 4 years, and I can't believe what the new owners have done to the place.  You will be so freakin' surprised.  I'll still be involved there, and you will see some amazing things going on at the ALL NEW Rush.  If you're in NYC, then come check it out this Saturday.  I'll be hosting.

Another sign that nightlife could be reviving is that Britney Spears is out of rehab!  Why did she leave?  To attend a party.  Consequently, the party was cancelled.  You see it was her estranged husband Kevin Federline's birthday party, and some of his sponsored bailed -- so he couldn't afford it anymore.  We're still looking forward to seeing Britney out and about. I'm sure she'll have to take some time away from divorce settlements.  Besides, it looks like she'll only have the kids half of the time since Britney and K-Fed are going to share custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James.  I just hope Brit-Brit doesn't ever have another drink in her hand or any powder around her nose!

Before I conclude, another new party!  This is what happens when gay guys invade one of New York City's most popular straight clubs. 

Sundays in New York City have seemed somewhat like a ghost town in NYC since Alan Picus and John Blair cancelled their Sunday night party at Myst to focus on the Saturday mega-party at Avalongaysocialites.blog was happy to break the story that DJ Adam and Steve Sidewalk are teaming up to bring you Hot Mess at Porky's on Sundays.  It will be hosted by the aforementioned DJs, Chris Ryan, Drew Zailen, Mimi Imfurst, Rainblo & Jason Preston (yes, Marc Jacob's former boy toy -- I bet he's got some stories!!)  I'll also be around there, because gaysocialites.blog is the official media outlet for Hot Mess at Porky's!  We're happy to be on-board!

To get more nightclub scoop or a dose of celebrity gossip, check back to gaysocialites.blog regularly!

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