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March 8, 2007

Timerlake & Timbaland want to help Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have made a good duo working together, so good that they're willing to take a big risk -- on Justin's ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.

My fag hag will DIE if they get back together.  I think she's running an online petition or something, but I digress...

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Timbaland said he felt Spears' "pain" and admitted he is "the type of person who tries to save the world."  At this point it might be easier to save the rest of the world.

Timbaland is in talks with Justin Timberlake to help his plans to bring Spears, a former pop superstar back to #1. 

"I just want to hold her hand," Timbaland says. "I want her to be in my camp, to be around Justin. I need Justin to talk to her. Help her, please!" 

As always, Justin will do whatever Timbaland says and has agree to help.

Meanwhile rumors continue to circulate that Britney Spears is struggling to stay in treatment at the Promises Rehab Center in Malibu.

Comeback probability at this point:  Possible.


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ok yeah i think its a great thing that he is wanting to help her, he is looking past all the bad and doing good for her.

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hey Justin you a sove cool

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