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What are the odds?

         What are the odds? Play the lotto, cross your fingers and knock on wood. Maybe it will higher your odds. If you are not lucky, you may lose. What is the lesson here you ask? When we enter a relationship, what are our odds? When we meet that girl or boy of our dreams are we for sure it’s forever?

            An average relationship can become bumpy at anytime. Maybe your partner lost his/her romantic touch? Or you start to lose that passion when you kiss. Well what happens when a couple is in love and one states he/she is really gay or really straight? What are those odds? How often does this happen? When I was a teenager I had my first boyfriend. He was the love of my life and he is still my best friend. But at 23 I didn’t know that men meant nothing to me in that department.  And the ones I felt that real connection with, wanted to do some department shopping of their own.

         Can you roll that dice and choose your outcome? In some relationships, a man may Marry a woman and later find out he is attracted to men. This can apply both ways. Some Transgender people live a life of lies to have the family they always dreamed of. Who is to blame? I would first point fingers at society. Depending on the society you come from, gay, transgender, and bisexual is as foreign as dating someone of a different race. Children in these families are often told they will be disowned if they choose this path. Don’t even get me started on the choice issue, but would one really pick to walk down that path of discrimination? If the grass is greener on the so called “other side”, then why travel on that snowy path?

        The end result, is it possible for ones sexuality to change? Is your preference determined before the game begins? Or are you given several rolls at that dice? Only you can decide this. The real answer, only believe what you personally feel. Your life is lived and only played by you.

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