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March 6, 2007

What does the Real World have to do with the Lance/ Reichen break-up?

What does the Real World have to do with the Lance Bass/ Reichen Lehmkuhl break-up?

Two words:  Davis Mallory.  Mallory is the token gay (who makes out with the girls) on the Real World: Denver currently airing on MTV.

Evidently, Mallory was seen canoodling with Reichen in Atlanta last month before Lance gave his muscle stud the boot.  Now, Mallory is trying to clear his name on his blog.

I did meet Reichen in Atlanta in early January at a night club. We spent the evening talking and left with a large group of friends to an after party. During the evening Reichen made it clear that he and Lance had already broken up. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and so was under the impression we were both two single guys. So what's so wrong with that?

I was asked by Life and Style to give any "juicy" details, but I chose only to give the simple statement that "I honestly can't believe this has escalated to the point where they split up." What I meant by that statement was that I can't believe Reichen and Lance were even still dating at this point. I can't believe this story about Reichen and I in Atlanta is now the one that is causing them to break up.

Wow, a bit self indulging don't you think?  Notice how he doesn't deny that he is the reason they broke up, he just says he can't believe he is the reason.

What do Reichen and Davis have in common?  They're both reality stars whose only hope at fame is to date a celeb... not a good match for each other I don't think.

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Reichen is way to hot for Lance or Davis. Post some pics of Reichen!!

i was really hoping lance and reichen could work it out and stay together. i thought they made a great couple!

Hmm, apparently Reichen likes goofy-looking blonds.

Looks like Reichen is telling his side of the story now.

There's a Reichen, Lance and Davis article and a blog where he gets really candid on ChicagoPride.blog.

Well, since Reichen hasn't ever had a relationship last more than a couple months, it's comical and sad that he uses this opportunity to blame someone else for his infidelity, which is a trend with Reichen.

What are you guys talking about? I think Davis seems like a great guy and people are being way too harsh on him! Let's remember that everyone makes mistakes! He seems like a great guy with a great personality and a lot to offer and I think he will go far in his career! Shame on everyone for condemning him!

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