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Will Anna Nicole Smith be left alone at her Bahamian grave?

Anna Nicole Smith's closest friends fought Smith's estranged mother Virgie Arthur to get her buried next to her late son, Daniel Wayne Smith, in the Bahamas.  Now, Smith may be left there all alone.

Daniel's father, Billy Smith, says he wants to have his son's body exhumed and moved to Texas.

If this happens, Anna Nicole's plan is shot.  She purchased a plot for herself right next to her son's so they could lay to rest together forever.  After weeks of court battles, she was finally buried there on Friday.

Billy Smith is trying to get a court hearing on this matter next week.  Hearings to determine the custody and paternity of Smith's 5-month-old daugher, Dannielynn, will also continue later this month.  Arthur, Smith's most recent companion Howard K. Stern and her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead have all filed suit for custody.

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Billy Smith, the father of Daniel, wanting to separate Anna and Daniel in death is a selfish move.

Virgie Arthur going to the Court of Appeals, then to the Bahamaian judge Anita Adams on Friday, March 2 - AFTER Judge Larry Seidlin and Richard Milstein (the court appointed guardian in Florida) - reflect disrespect for Anna's wishes.

If they love Anna, they should leave Anna alone.
It is no wonder Anna was unhappy with her biological family.

Just a thought. When Larry Birkhead gets custody and moves with his daughter back to California, and Howard Stern chasing that money train secures a position as the babies de facto finanical guardian and moves with them. When that happens, what does its serve to have her burried there. If not to merely help the Bohamian tourist industry. In Texas, her and her son's grave would have been visited by her mother. No matter what that is her mother. She will never forget her no matter what strife existed between them.

I have been watching the Insider since her death. They have showed some disturbing videos, like one of Anna befoe she died saying how she hates her mother, and doesnt consider her as a mother. She used to beat her as a child. Its not like shes a little kid, shes an adult, and she knew where she wanted to be burried. Its her decision, not her estraned mothers. You should watch the Insider.

Do you really think the Bahamian Government is going to let the family mainly Virgie Arthur and Daniel Smith's father exhume their bodies after all the publicity and income hikes theyve experienced since Feb 8/07...I dont think so!

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