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April 27, 2007

Alec Baldwin turns to Dr. Phil for help

Alec Baldwin went straight for the big dogs to sort through his problems surrounding the controversial voicemail message he left for his daughter Ireland that was later broadcast on TMZ.blog. 

In addition to opening up to the ladies on the View, Dr. Phil says he dished out some advice to Baldwin as well.  McGraw said Baldwin gave him permission to disclose that they had a “far-reaching, intense conversation” and that he had also “reached out privately to [Kim] Basinger.”

"He's fighting an uphill battle," McGraw told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. "He did tell me that his number one priority is sustaining his relationship with his daughter. This is an important point—he didn't say he wants to fix his relationship with her, because there's nothing to fix."

McGraw described the incident as "out-of-character" for his Alec and said that Ireland remained the actor's "number one priority."

On the voicemail, Baldwin calls Ireland a “rude, thoughtless little pig” for ignoring his phone calls and not taking their phone dates seriously.

Baldwin has since admitted that was wrong, and he has also requested to be released from his contract with '30 Rock.'  Dr, Phil said that is because he wants to move back to the west coast so he can be closer to Ireland.

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You know what? my son has gone through this same thing and he was nothing but a gentleman to his ex and his kid, pay child support, be a dad, bla, bla, bla, and what does he get? a bitch on the other side... so I don't blame Alec for what he did.. when my son calls his son is mean, rude, unconsiderate, and not loving to the father that is paying his support, all thanks to his mom that hates my son. It is not my son's fault that he choose a bitch to have his son. So Kim, whake up and smell the roses!

Parents aren't the only ones who suffer from parental alienation. Grandparents do, too. My husband's daughter will not let him have any contact with his grandchildren, with whom he was very close, all because he divorced his former wife. Birthday and Christmas cards, gifts and letters for those children have been returned. He's kept every single item, because he hopes that someday, the truth will come out, and he'll be able to tell them how much he loved them, and that he never abandoned them. How can this grown woman, his own daughter, not know what she is doing to her own children, just so she can get back at her father? She is robbing those children of experiences they will never be able to regain in life. It is heartbreaking, for all the parties involved.

No One has a right to talk to any one else the way Alec Baldwin spoke to his daughter. Our children deserve all our best and none of our excuses. Apologize and try to never do it again -don't make excuses fro yourself. I think that Alec is lucky to have this opportunity to have attention called to his horrible parenting and narcissic behavior so he can recieve help. Hopefully Dr.Phil won't treat him like a big star and coddle him because he needs to learn some empathy and what love is all about.

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