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Anna Nicole Smith's baby can leave the Bahamas despite mother's appeal

Larry Birkhead is free to leave the Bahamas with his daughter, Dannielynn, despite an appeal from Anna Nicole Smith's mother.  The three judge panel shot down Virgie Arthur's appeal on Friday calling her case "weak."

Virgie said she didn't want Larry and Dannielynn to leave the Bahamas, because she was afraid he wouldn't bring the baby back for an official custody hearing on June 8.

The judges delivered another blow to Arthur, who Anna Nicole often referred to as "Mommy Dearest," when all three judges agreed that the case would probably ultimately be decided in a US court.  That actually makes more sense anyway, since Virgie and Larry both live in the US.  Virgie seems to be enjoying the Bahamas' laid-back government.

The court also required that Virgie cover $3,000 in fees basically for wasting everyone's time.  Birkhead said he didn't understand why Arthur thought he might not return for the hearing in June.

"I don't know where she got that from. Maybe that's why they made her pay money. There was no foundation for her to say that; I've always indicated that I would come back so that wasn't necessary," he said.

Howard K. Stern also attended Fridays hearing.  Once Birkhead's opponent, Stern now says he is standing behind Dannielynn's biological father 100%.

"I'm going to help Larry out in any way I can, and if it take years in the United States, I'll do it. I'm hopeful that that won't happen though," Stern said.

Birkhead indicated earlier this week that he planned to fly out by the weekend.


Great. Now he can make more money in the U.S. hawking his daughter for "exclusive" pictorials like this one:


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