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April 20, 2007

Another shooting, this time at NASA

After Monday's tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, the country is on edge and a new gun control debate has been started.  On Friday, another fatal shooting - this time at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

"Apparently there was some type of dispute between the suspect and the victim," Houston police chief Harold Hurtt said.

The shooter is identified as Bill Phillips, who had worked at NASA as a contractor for 12 years.  The man who he shot before turning the gun on himself was David Beverly, an engineer employed by NASA.  Phillips evidently took Beverly hostage, and the Johnson Space Center was evacuated after two shots were heard.

Another hostage, their female co-worker, was found bound with duct tape, but unharmed, according to police.

I didn't see much coverage on this today.  If the VA Tech massacre had not happened on Monday, this news would have caused stations to break-in with coverage.  I guess it doesn't seem as newsworthy after what happened just 5 days ago.  It's sad that the world has come to this.

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