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April 07, 2007

DNA in Anna Nicole Smith paternity case on Tuesday

It looks like Tuesday is the day that we will find out of Larry Birkhead's DNA matched that of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn.

All the players in the case from Birkhead to Howard K. Stern are poised and ready to appear in a Bahamas court room on Tuesday, according to TMZ. 

The website reports that the DNA expert from Ohio who is holds the results, Dr. Michael Baird, will be in the court room with DNA tests on hand.

If Birkhead's DNA matches Dannielynns, it is likely that a judge will almost immediately grant custody of Anna Nicole's daughter to her biological father.  If Birkhead's DNA doesn't match, is likely that Howard K. Stern will face a legal battle with Dannielynn's grandmother, Virgie Arthur.

If Larry Birkhead's confidence reflects any truth, everything in the Anna Nicole saga will likely change next week!

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so according to this blog the baby will be turned right over to larry on tues? where do you get this stuff

the blog doesn't say that. it says 'almost immediately' which could mean days but likely means after a trial. lulu can't read.

I'm praying for Birkhead.... I honestly think I'll cry if she's not his b/c he wants nothing more in the world than to be this baby girls father so he can care for her & love her the way she needs to be.
After seeing her (finally) that one time he said "it's ok that I wasn't there when she was born, that was my delivery room" - He was in the middle of working on her nursery then & said he was happy.
She looks JUST like him (well a good combination of anna nicole & him but you can def. see parts of him in her)

I'm just glad this question (that's not exactly trivial) will finally be answered & things can move forward, depending on the outcome.

I just hope that they want the baby for who she is not all the fame and fortune that comes with being Dannielynn's father

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