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April 21, 2007

Don Imus' racist tyrade sets of domino effect of bad luck!

Don Imus probably had no clue what he was doing when he called the women of the Rutger's basketball team "nappy headed hos."  This old man probably didn't even consider his comment racist.  Racism like that can't really be cured.  It basically has to die with the old farts.

Imus' racist remarks have spurred a string of events that can seemingly be credited to nothing more than bad luck.  From the speeding car accident involving New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, to producer firing, to lawsuits on CBS affiliates who aired re-runs of the show.  No one is really benefiting from Imus' unfortunate mistake.

Governor Jon Corzine (D-NJ) remains hospitalized after a car accident involving his motorcade while rushing to meet with the Rutger's women's team and Don Imus.  The governor has undergone surgery and now seems to be breathing on his own. 

Now, his side-kick and producer Bernard McGuirk has lost his job for being the first person to use the word 'ho' during that controversial radio show, according to the Associated Press.

Bernard McGuirk, who joined the "Imus in the Morning Show" as producer in 1987, was let go late Thursday by WFAN-AM for his role in the ugly incident, CBS Radio spokeswoman Karen Mateo said Friday. CBS Inc., the parent company for WFAN, pulled Imus off the air on April 12.

Now a California radio station is facing a lawsuit from CBS radio for airing Imus re-runs after he was fired from his show.

The lawsuit filed this past week in federal court in Riverside claims KCAA-AM and its license holder violated copyright protections. The suit seeks a temporary restraining order and $150,000 for each violation. A hearing is set for Tuesday.

The station, which had carried the shock jock's morning show since 2003, started airing recordings of old shows last Monday along with listener calls, mail and e-mails reacting to the controversy.

KCAA attorney Brian Oxman said the station is trying to educate the public.

Little did we know that one racist morning could cause this many problems.  Maybe Don Imus and anyone else who will spread hate for any reason will think twice in the future.  We can only hope!


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The article above specifically targets the use of the word "Ho". I do realize Imus said more than this but his assistant now is let go due to only this ONE word!

I will continue to use the word "Ho".
'Ho' is the black / urban / 'cool' vernacular for "whore".
1. Is the word "whore" now a bannable, firing offense?! Orwell keeps proving his case DAILY!
If "whore" is NOT FCC and station fireable or PC offensive then why is this man being canned?!?!
2. Perhaps "whore" IS politically correct. If so then why is "Ho" NOT?!?! Why is the 'cool' / 'hip' version of the word "whore", which was COINED and USED DAILY by many African Americans (including pop culture), now such an unconscionable offense by the same African Americans?!?!

For EVERY time I hear the word "Ho" at a comedy club, I want the comedian FIRED.
If not fired then I want the owner of the club exposed and Al Sharpton outside with another RALLY!
For every video that uses the word "Ho" I want the rapper banned from all public media.
If they are not banned and all videos pulled then I call for the firing of all senior staff at the video company and parent companies if not heeded.
If these company heads are not removed then I EXPECT BOTH the African American community AND gaysocialites.blog (assuming this site agrees with Mr. Winters opinionated 'news' article) to threaten all advertisers until this is done.

If this is not done then both the African American community are thin skinned hypocrites, and the European American community are thin skinned cowards. If this is true then we should all allow Don Imus his job back... with an APOLOGY!

It was inappropriate to fire Don Imus and remove his show on the air. Why is Don Imus the fall person for saying words that have been repeated in all discussions, with races of all types ? Why isn't an apology enough ? I find it ridiculous that corporate sponsors aren't following through on banning others who use the same type of words or far worse? This hypocrisy is a double standard, which saddens me. This country was founded on the freedom of speech and like it or not, Mr. Imus was exercising his rights. As a female, his words weren't sexist or racist. I will be waiting for him to return to the airways and hope that it will be soon. In the meantime, I'm exercising my rights and boycott those sponsors who withdrew their support. It should work both ways, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to and I'm sickened by the message it sends our children.

"old man" and die old farts ,is an AGIST and SEXIST SLUR !

"old man" and die old farts ,is an AGIST and SEXIST SLUR !

"old man" and die old farts ,is an AGIST and SEXIST SLUR !

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