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April 06, 2007

Former Idol contestant asks how Sanjaya will hurt Idol's credibility

It's becoming pretty obvious as Sanjaya Malakar continues to dominate the votes on American Idol that the show is loosing its credibility.

Now, former Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis has posted a topic on Yahoo! Answers Forum asking:

"How will Sanjaya’s continued success on American Idol impact the show’s credibility? With all of the controversy surrounding Sanjaya’s survival week-to-week, is it too late for American Idol to regain its fans’ trust?"

Registered users can sound off about whether or not they think Sanjaya has ruined American Idol.  One of the users Slim 27 put it best by saying,

"Definitely! The show has totally jumped the shark. It isnt about the singing talent anymore, it is a popularity contest for little pre-teens to vote for the cutest boy/girl. I was so dedicated to this show until the last 2 seasons. I gave up on it.... Too Bad, there was some real talent on there for a while."

Meanwhile Sanjaya Malakar has become one of the top 8 contestants of the season, and from the looks of things he isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  It sucks, I know! 

Want more on this topic? Look around!


So sanjaya is gay?

And you are???? Never even heard of Constantine.... Do I need to say more????

With all the less than stellar talent on Idol this year AND every year, Sanjaya Malakar is a delightful, talented standout contestant and is the only contestant worth tuning in for. If anything, he alone is saving American Idol. Idol is known for its sadistic Slimon, its loopy Paula and its *Yo Dawg* Randy. It's nice to see a refreshing kid who IMO will have a good career in show biz. And guess what, Sanjaya can sing. I will stick with the opinion of Tony Bennett who was impressed by Sanjaya and believes Sanjaya can sing and has charisma.

Case Closed. This cheese show is being saved by Sanjaya this year, not hurt by him.

Shit fuck on you guys. Sanjaya is good. Alright. It's called OPINIONS. Thanks.

Oh and yeah, bye the way THANK YOU Lola!

Well I gotta tell ya, I will agree Sanjaya can sing?!?!?!! But unfortunately he isn't good enough to get as far as he got. I have to tell you though to those who don't think the judges have the credentials. Simon and Paula probably don't but Rany Jackson is probably one of the best bass guitar players to ever play one. I've seen him live and will blow you away with the funk skills the man has. Not to mention that he is a music producer!!!?!! That pretty much makes him qualified to critique someone else! I'm in the music biz and am an o.k. singer and I pretty much agree with him most of the time. The other two judges though, I'm not sold on them, but "yodawg" or whatever is got it goin on! Idol needs to incorporate internet voting in some way to get the line's busy controversy out of play.....C-YA...TJ


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