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April 03, 2007

Heather Mills cries on Ryan Seacrest's show

Dancing with the Stars may have convinced Americans to love controversial contestant Heather Mills.  Mills unloaded in tears this morning on Ryan Seacrest's KISS FM radio show after a caller apologized for prejudging Paul McCartney's estranged wife.

"I had formed a bad opinion about her, and I'm embarrassed actually," said the caller. "I would love to apologize to her. And America should apologize, and the people should apologize. She was wrongfully treated."

When Ryan asked Heather to respond she was obviously overwhelmed with emotion.

"Oh, that makes me feel emotional," said Heather, sounding as if she would cry. "Whew...that's great."

The Dancing with the Stars results show airs tonight on ABC.

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Oh please, Heather Mills is such a Gold Digger and much worse. The woman is sickening.

Heather has more character and courage in her pinky's cuticle than 99.9% of all the celebrity trash that gets praised. The trashing of Heather began when Paul needed an advantage with the public, to benefit his divorce. Heather has put her money where her mouth is, and has benefitted literally thousands of amputees, with much of her own money. None of us know what she has had to put up with in her marriage, and all I know is that she's a remarkable human being, compassionate, funny, and very kind...

She's the real thing. I bet Paul McCartney comes to his senses, tells his children to bug out of his personal life, and asks Heather to come back home. I know he made a big mistake.

To Paul: She loves you, and you know that can't be bad... wooooo

Just because Heather has the courage to dance and risk situations like this, does not make her a good, decent or kind person. It does convince me however, that she thrives on and enjoys being the center of attention and being in the limelight. From being a prostitute, to porn star, to beating up on her former ex husband having people witness her beating up on him, with fist and foot, to taking the credit of being a news reporter (impersonating one) so she could get the credits for it, she is at the very least an opportunitist. Why else would she want to marry a guy old enough to be her grandfather. She feigned being weak and said she had to hop around and crawl around on the floor because she only had one leg becuase it was said that McCartney didn't like her having her crutches with her. Like this kangaroo would ever crawl. Please this babe is like a gazelle, her athleticism is proven on this show. She is very much in shape and it wouldn't surprise me to learn she was beating up on Paul M. She even tried to pretend to be like Paul's ex wife Linda, a vegan to get Paul's support and support of the world, then she said she opposed the slaughter of animals for fur. It's too bad those pics surfaced of her wearing that great mink coat and loving it. This babe tells more lies than she is ever capable of telling the truth.

I'd match this one up with Howard K Stern. Could be a match made in heaven. Imagine what they'd both do to one another. :-)

further to previous post: Heather told her lies to increase the settlement. Before Paul all she was was a hooker, he gave her a name, image, and notoriety. She wants to continue living in that style. She wanted to take him for everything he had, that's why she lied about her submitting to him. Does she look like she'd ever submit to anyone. Sorry, her lies don't fly with me, just because she's dancing on a show. She doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Who will be her next victim? Pitty the guy, he'd better have money and fame. The only one Heather loves is Heather. Wonder if she'll return to her previous profession. She even lied about her parents and her background; it was actually Heather who got in trouble with the law, she's one spoiled person. I'd pair somone like her up with Howard K Stern. He's be trying to ply her with drugs, she'd be beating him with her leg.

so right John

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