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April 12, 2007

Katie Couric's new younger man!

The NY Post is referring to CBS's 50 year old top newscaster as a cougar as word has surfaced that Katie Couric now has a 32 year old boyfriend.

Rumors have sprung that Katie is dating a man named Brooks Perlin, nearly 17 years younger than she is.

Perlin is a tri-athelete with a rich family and a wondering eye according to the Post.  The newspaper talked with neighbors who say that Katie's new boy toy is "always checking out every girl who walks by."

His wild side might be just what Katie needs, and his resume doesn't look too bad either.  He graduated from Williams College where he played also played tennis.

Good for you Katie!  Work it out!  There's nothing wrong with having an attractive, younger, kept man!


Wouldn't that be a WANDERING eye?

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