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April 08, 2007

Kids get an R-rated eye full at NY movie theatre

A Friday night family outing turned bad this weekend in New York when a theatre packed full of young kids was shown an R-rated horror flick instead of the warm and fuzzy family film they were expecting.

The audience was snug in their seats, little ones were bright eyed and bushed tailed, then all hell broke loose. Expecting to watch a family film, the crowd was stunned to get a horror movie leaving some kids shaken and the theater chain apologizing for the movie mix-up.

The moviegoers were expecting to see “The Last Mimzy,” but instead were shown the opening of “The Hills Have Eyes 2,” R-rated sequel to a recent remake of a 1977 horror classic.

Parents say they were in shock!

“There were kids that were crying, there were people trying to cover the kids’ eyes, they were caught off guard,” said Anthony Rasco, who was in the audience when the scene was unexpectedly shown Thursday in one of the theaters at the Island 16 multiplex.

Some seemed unsure about how to rectify the situation.

“My wife is eight months pregnant, and he’s been asking, ’Is that what mommy’s going to have?”’ said Frank Doll, 31, of Mastic.

The theatre staff stopped the movie, gave out free movie vouchers and started "The Last Mimsy" about 30 minutes late.

The theatre company released a statement saying it won't happen again.

“We are working with our theater’s managers to correct this situation and ensure that it does not happen again,” said the statement from the company, based in Dedham, Mass.

Some little ones aren't going to sleep well for a while I'm sure!

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