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April 30, 2007

"Legally Blonde" opens on Broadway

The newest Broadway musical, "Legally Blonde" opened Sunday to "sweet" reviews as critics label it as a "nonstop sugar rush" and "bubble-gum pop splashed in pink."

The hit 2001 film starred Reese Witherspoon as a smart but stereotypically blonde California sorority girl Elle Woods, who applies to Harvard Law School following a boyfriend who left her behind.

The Broadway musical stars Laura Bell Bundy, opened on Sunday in New York won mixed reviews.

"Electric, unbridled, and even more lightheaded and warmhearted than the movie that spawned it, 'Legally Blonde' hit Broadway last night with a goofy vengeance," wrote The Philadelphia Inquirer's critic Howard Shapiro.

The New York Times' Ben Brantley wasn't as complimentary of the "nonstop sugar rush," suggesting"flossing between songs."

"This high-energy, empty-calories and expensive-looking hymn to the glories of girlishness ... approximates the experience of eating a jumbo box of Gummi Bears in one sitting," he wrote. "Unless you're used to such a diet, you wind up feeling jittery, glazed and determined to swear off sweets for at least a month." 

Producer Hal Luftig says the audience was a "cross section of society," but critics use the line at the women's bathroom to label this one for the chicks. 

"We're getting little girls that you can clearly see it's their first time coming to the theater and they're dressing up and coming in their pinks," he said.

In San Francisco, where the show had a pre-Broadway trial run, the show drew another group, Luftig added: "In San Francisco, we were getting drag queens coming as Elle Woods."

So this one seems good for the chicks and the gays!  Grab your fag hag and head for the theater!

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